Best Crackers For A Characuterie Board

Making a charcuterie board is easy and so is choosing the best crackers for your charcuterie board. Let me show you the options!

When choosing the best crackers for your charcuterie board, consider your other ingredients. Do you want a buttery cracker, something sturdy, flavor like rosemary or black pepper?


I am partial to 34° Crisps, rosemary flavor. I love the rosemary flavor with all the fruit jams, meats and cheeses.

Best Crackers

Who doesn't love the classic buttery taste of Ritz crackers? These are some of the best crackers on a charcuterie board to pair with different cheeses.

Ritz Crackers

Who said a cracker has to be a cracker? These everything bagel pretzel crisps are high up on the list too with a hint of garlic.

Pretzel Crisps

These artisan crackers are a little on the sweeter side and have many different flavors to choose from to match your charcuterie board.

Artisan Crackers

Pita chips work well too! A nice mild flavor with a hint of seasoning. Head to the post for the rest of my favorites and some options for kids!

Pita Chips

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