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Gingerbread Cookies

For this recipe you'll need: flour, spices, baking soda, salt, egg, butter, brown sugar, molasses, powdered sugar, milk, vanilla extract.


Whisk the dry ingredients together. Cream together the butter and sugar, Add egg and molasses. Mix in the dry ingredients until combined. Separate the gingerbread cookie dough into 2 equal parts and shape into a disk. Wrap with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 1 hour

Make the Dough

Set the gingerbread cookie dough on a lightly floured surface and begin rolling out the dough to about ⅛ inch thick or just slightly thicker. Cut out cookie shapes with cookie cutters. Repeat until all dough is used.

Roll & Cut

Bake the cookies for 8 minutes, remove from the oven and let cool on the tray for 2 minutes. After 2 minutes remove the cookies from the tray and place on a cooling rack to cool the rest of the way


Use the icing decorate the cookies however you please. Feel free to use my photos as a guide! Holiday sprinkles and small candies in the baking section work well too!


In Krista's Kitchen