First things first. This dish basically cooks itself and I love that. Pork Sugo has a rich depth of flavor that's hard to beat. This is a dish you can throw together and slow cook for about 4 hours.

Let’s get started!

Cut your veggies, mix your sauce, sear your pork and put it all into one pan!

The best pans for cooking Sugo

01 A Dutch oven with a lid

02 A cast iron skillet with a lid or cover

03 The insert of your crockpot with the lid

What cuts to use for your carrots and onions

A little bit larger of a cut is nice for the carrots and onions so they don't turn to mush while braising

How long to braise

Approximately 4 hours to braise the pork. Check every hour or so to make sure you're not running out of liquid. Add a little more if it's getting low.

Cook your pasta, mix with the Pork Sugo & top with parmesan!

Also delicious served with a hunk of crusty bread alongside or in place of the pasta

Bread bun

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