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Shrimp  Poke Bowl

For this recipe you'll need: shrimp, white rice, olive oil, salt, soy sauce, sriracha, mayo, rice vinegar, ginger paste, honey, sesame oil, radish, and toppings.


Mix all marinade ingredients together in a small bowl then set aside

Make the Marinade

Mix all spicy mayo ingredients together in a medium bowl then set aside until needed

Make the Spicy Mayo

Season the shrimp with salt and add to the pan in one single layer, making sure not to crowd. Cook the shrimp for 1-2 minutes per side then transfer to a bowl. Pour half of the marinade over the top of the shrimp and let sit for 3 minutes

Cooking the Shrimp

Add white rice to the bottom of each bowl. Pour the reserved marinade evenly over the top of the rice. Add the spicy mayo, followed by all the toppings then the shrimp Serve immediately!

Building the Shrimp Bowls

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