Smoked Cream Cheese

Smoking cream cheese is easier than you think and it is absolutely mouthwatering. This easy Smoked Cream Cheese with Hot Honey is the star of the show.

For this smoked cream cheeses recipe you'll need: cream cheese, seasoning, honey and crushed red pepper. Smoking cream cheese is easy and only used few ingredients.


Season cream cheese block with homemade seasoning. Score the top of the cream cheese before smoking it. This will give a nice look.

Seasoning Cream Cheese 

When smoking cream cheese you need to have the right temperature so it doesn't melt. 160°F-180°F is a good smoked cream cheese temp.

Smoked Cream Cheese Temp

Heat honey and crushed red pepper just until warm then pour over the top of smoked cream cheese. Serve with seasoned crackers or your favorite cracker!

Hot Honey Topping

Smoking cream cheese for your holiday party is the easiest appetizer that will get rave reviews. This smoked cream cheese recipe will be a staple in your dip menu!

Smoking Cream Cheese

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