Sweet Potato Pudding

It's old fashioned sweet potato pudding with a twist! Sage brown butter takes this Thanksgiving side dish over the top!

For this Sweet Potato Pudding recipe you'll need: sweet potatoes, marshmallows, butter, fresh sage, brown sugar, vanilla, salt and evaporated milk.


Roast the sweet potatoes in their own skin to get them caramelized and sweet. Let them cool 10 minutes before peeling.

Roast Sweet Potatoes

Cook butter and sage leaves over medium-low heat until golden brown. Remove from heat immediately.

Making Brown Butter

Whip sweet potatoes in a bowl with an electric mixer until smooth. You want the potatoes to be light and fluffy for this old fashioned sweet potato pudding.

Mashing Sweet Potatoes

Add brown sugar, brown butter, sage, vanilla and salt to potatoes and whip one more time.

Old Fashioned Sweet Potato Casserole

Transfer old fashioned sweet potato pudding to a pie pan. then add marshmallows and bake 5-7 minutes until golden brown.

Bake Sweet Potato Pudding

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