Sweet Potatoes Au Gratin 

Sweet Potatoes Au Gratin is a sweet and savory layered sweet potato dish with cream, garlic, thyme, Romano cheese and nutmeg. A twist on a classic dish.

For this Sweet Potatoes Au Grain recipe you'll need: sweet potatoes. Romano cheese, garlic, thyme, heavy cream, salt, pepper and sage.


Mix the cream, salt, pepper, herbs and fresh minced garlic for this sweet potato au gratin recipe.

Cream Mixture 

Slice sweet potatoes thin for the best au gratin recipe. Use either a mandolin or a meat slicer to achieve thin even slices.

Slicing Potatoes

Begin layering sweet potatoes, heavy cream mixture and Romano cheese. Press potatoes down so cream comes over the top then top with more cheese.

Making Sweet Potatoes Au Gratin

Bake sweet potatoes au gratin then let rest before serving. This helps hold their shape.

Bake Sweet Potato Au Gratin

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