Tomato & Garlic Confit 

Tomato and Garlic Confit takes only 5 minutes to prep then is ready for the oven. These sweet cherry tomatoes are filled with flavor!

For this Tomato and Garlic Confit recipe you'll need: cherry tomatoes, olive oil, basil, thyme, crushed red pepper, garlic, salt and pepper.


Place cherry tomatoes, garlic and all other confit ingredients into a small baking dish.

How To Make Tomato Confit

Pour olive oil over tomato confit ingredients. Make sure oil is to the top of the head of garlic and tomatoes.

Making Tomato and Garlic Confit 

Bake tomato and garlic confit for 2.5 hours and 250°F. Tomatoes will start to caramelize and garlic will be buttery soft.

Bake Tomato Confit

Serve Tomato Confit over whipped goat cheese on a crostini, in pasta, on a breakfast sandwich or a mezze platter. There are so many uses for Tomato and Garlic Confit!

Serving Tomato Confit

Use tomato and garlic confit in my Lobster Pasta recipe! Creamy white wine sauce, crushed red pepper and sweet tomatoes!

Tomato Confit In Pasta 

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