Easy Christmas Eve Dinner Ideas

If you're looking for easy Christmas Eve dinner ideas, you've come to the right spot. From Lobster Gnocchi to Mushroom Truffle Pasta!

Easy Lemon Chicken Pasta is one of the best easy Christmas Eve dinner ideas. Lightly breaded chicken with oregano, rosemary and garlic in a creamy lemon pasta.

Easy Lemon Chicken Pasta 

When thinking of easy Christmas Eve dinner ideas, this spicy vodka pasta comes to mind. Easy, quick and flavorful. A Christmas Eve dinner the whole family will love.

Gigi Hadid Pasta AKA Spicy Vodka 

If you think fancy when you think easy Christmas Eve dinner ideas, this Lobster Gnocchi is both easy and fancy. Creamy lemon, succulent lobster, soft tender gnocchi, it's got it all.

Lobster Gnocchi

Garlic Chicken Pasta is an oldie but a goodie. Roasted garlic and tomatoes, lemon, basil and Parmesan or Asiago cheese just screams easy Christmas Eve dinner ideas to me!

Garlic Chicken Pasta

The vegetarian option on your easy Christmas Eve Dinner Ideas list. Mushroom truffle pasta with truffle oil, herbs and cheese, yes please!!

Mushroom Truffle Pasta 

I love Shrimp & Lemon Pasta with Prosciutto for an easy Christmas Eve dinner idea. Simple flavors that blend well and make a great meal in no time.

Shrimp & Lemon Pasta 

One of the best easy Christmas Eve Dinner Ideas is this rich Rigatoni Bolognese recipe. Make the Bolognese sauce up to 5 days in advance, warm it up, add pasta and you're done!

Rigatoni Bolognese 

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