How To Make S'mores Inside

Craving campfire s'mores but don't want to build a campfire?! Make this delicious classic s'mores recipe inside in the air fryer!

For making s'mores inside you'll need: Graham crackers, Hershey's chocolate bars, marshmallows and flaky sea salt. The salt is optional but recommended.


This is how to make s'mores inside! It's super easy. Start by adding chocolate to graham cracker then placing in an air fryer.


Flaky sea salt and chocolate are a match made in heaven and his s'mores recipe is no different. Add a little flaky sea salt to the top of your melty chocolate.

Adding Salt

Add marshmallow to the top of the melted chocolate in the air fryer. Cook until desired doneness. I like mine black!

Toasting Marshmallow

Add the top and now you know how to make s'mores inside! Make just one or a batch at a time.

Top & Serve 

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