Valentine's Charcuterie Board

Make your Valentines Charcuterie Board this year filled with chocolate candies, fruit and fruit flavored candy.

For this Valentine's Day Charcuterie Board you'll need: a variety of Valentine's themed candy, heart shaped candy, apples, chocolate ganache, strawberries, raspberries and apples.


Melt dark chocolate and add to a small serving bowl for the dessert board. Melt white chocolate then add red food coloring if desired. Use this in a separate serving dish.

Melt Chocolate

Build your Valentines Charcuterie Board starting with larger items first, then fill in smaller items in patterns. Fill in holes with berries.

Building Valentines Charcuterie Board

Serve your Valentines Charcuterie Board at a kids party or an adult party paired with wine. It makes a nice treat after family dinner too!

Valentine's Day Charcuterie Board

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