Sweet Potato Recipes For Thanksgiving

If it's sweet potato recipes for Thanksgiving with marshmallows that you're craving I've got you covered. Even a few that don't.

When it comes to sweet potato recipes for Thanksgiving, Sweet Potato Pudding is a classic. This version has sage brown butter and this sweet potato recipe is topped with marshmallows.

Sweet Potato Pudding 

Candied Sweet Potatoes are the first recipe I think of when someone says sweet potato recipes for Thanksgiving with marshmallows. Try this simple recipe.

Old Fashioned Candied Sweet Potatoes

Shock your guests with Sweet Potato Ice Cream! Brown sugar, pecans marshmallows and cinnamon. Add this to your sweet potato recipes for Thanksgiving with marshmallows line up.

Sweet Potato Ice Cream 

Southern Sweet Potato Pie doesn't quite have marshmallows but it does have a marshmallow-like meringue. Add this sweet potato pie to your Thanksgiving recipe lineup.

Southern Sweet Potato Pie 

Sweet Potato Au Gratin is a sweet potato recipe for Thanksgiving that does not use marshmallow. Instead it has cream, garlic, cheese and thyme.

Sweet Potato Au Gratin 

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